I wanted to Thank you for all the help you provided in arranging for some of my documents related to my visa requirements. I am truly amazed at your network and ability to arrange the same with speed and efficiency. I know from personal experience that arranging the Birth certificate or NABC is not such a easy task given that me and my family are all born across different cities in UP.

Your team managed to get the same from Lucknow, Bareilly, Allahabad and Kanpur within a week which talks about your connects and references within the Industry. You came highly recommended by my Visa and Immigration team at Genpact and I am glad I leveraged your services. Wish you the very best for your business and look forward to your support in future as well.
Sohil Goorha
Vice President, Client Relationship Partner, Healthcare, Genpact, USA

I had a very awesome experience with CIS. I used their services for the Apostle of birth certificates and the marriage certificate. It was literally a race against time. We had less than a week's time to get the birth certificate apostled from 3 different offices that were hundred's of kilometers apart and CIS did a wonderful job of getting the work done on time. Since, time was running out, and the courier company could not have delivered in the expected time frame, the documents were delivered by hand by a company employee who travelled by night and made sure that I receive the documents in the morning.

What a great service; high personalized for my convenience.
I would recommend CIS for every one who wants to experience great quality of service.

Thanks and regards,

Attestation & Legalisation of Official Documents

  • Authentication by all State Home Depts
  • Attestation and Apostles by Ministry of External Affairs(MEA)
  • Legalization by all Foreign Embassies and Consulates in India.
  • Attestation of Academic Credentials by Human Resource Department(HRD), Govt. of India
  • Attestation and Legalization of Intellectual Property Rights and other Commercial Documents etc.

Procurement of Official Documents

  • Birth Certificate and Re-issuance
  • Non-Availability Birth Certificate(NABC)
  • Marriage Certificate and Re-issuance
  • No-obligation Certificate(NoC)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Marks Transcripts
  • Letter of Reference from Universities
  • Other Academic Credentials

Expat Services

  • OCI
  • FRRO-Foreigners registration office
  • PIO-Dual, Indian original who were born abroad need to apply for PIO card.

Translation & Transcription services

We provide translation of educational certificates or any other document from English to French, German, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages. We also provide transcription services with competitive rates.